Biography and Contact

Martin Andersson, born 1975 in Zurich, is a film director, jazz piano player and multi media artist. 

He studied ecology and agricultural sciences in Switzerland (ETH Zurich), movie making in Germany (Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg) and music in Brazil and Cuba. His works comprise video installations for operas, acoustic installations for galleries and festivals, for instance the international festival of theatre, Zurich (Theaterspektakel) and the National Gallery of Modern Arts, Prague (Veletricny Palac) and documentary and musical films for TV. What is more, he is composing musical scores for movies and performs with several groups and as a solo artist around Europe and other countries.

By combining different medias and artistic forms of expression he is constantly trying to find a holistic approach to arts and science.

He lives in Dresden and speaks seven languages.

phone: +49 163 746 8806